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[anchor id=”AL”]Alabama

  • Georgia Robinson
    [email email=””]

    Georgia is 50 years old.  In college, she majored in political science and minored in pre-law.  She was President of the law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta.  She moved to Alabama from Pennsylvania 2 years ago.

[anchor id=”AK”]Alaska

  • Elizabeth Serrano
    [email email=””]
    Elizabeth has been a Polytheistic Pagan since the age of fourteen, her Patron Goddess is Hestia. She is a born and raised Alaska who works for a local non-profit promoting her home town of Anchorage. She loves everything about Alaska and knows how blessed she is to live in such an amazing place.
  • Carol Vandelaar
    [email email=””]
    Carol is a Druid, Moon worshiper, and tree huggin’ hippie, living in Alaska for more than half her life. She’s been Pagan for over 25 years and was mostly solitary up until 4 years ago when she felt the call to become more involved in her local Pagan community. Currently, she organizes a Pagan Meetup group and serve on the Board of her local CUUPS group. She’s a member of the ADF as well as the Sisterhood of Avalon. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging (, reading anything she can get my hands on, four-wheeling, stargazing, camping, drumming, snowball fights, and bowling. Her goal and wish is to create a solid, dependable, informative community for Alaska Pagans and someday establish a Pagan community center in Anchorage.

[anchor id=”AZ”]Arizona


[anchor id=”AR”]Arkansas


[anchor id=”CA”]California

  • Sherrie Hoyer
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    Sherrie is a solitary Druidess currently studying the Avalonian tradition. She is also an old time musician who plays mandolin and mountain dulcimer and is a student fiddler.  She can knock around on Irish tenor banjo, too.  She has a traditional online music store & love refurbishing instruments, knitting, sewing, and collecting vintage Halloween decor.

[anchor id=”CO”]Colorado

Colorado Facebook Page

  • Anne Hatzakis
    [email email=””]
    Anne is a Hellenic Polytheist Pagan and mother who wants to see her child, and ALL children, enjoy the same protections under the US Constitution that she has today.

[anchor id=”CT”]Connecticut


[anchor id=”DE”]Delaware

  • Bridget Di Luzio
    [email email=””]
    Bridget Di Luzio is a mother of 6, wife, solitary witch and ordained minister. Her blog, Organized Chaos, contains everything from the mundane to the magickal. She is a former editor and writer for the online Pagan youth e-zine, Pagan Moonbeams, where most knew her by her magickal name, Raven Moonshadow, and she is also a guest blogger on The Pagan Household. She is the founder of the Delaware Broom & Brew, a monthly meet-up for Pagan women in the state of Delaware. Bridget is also the host of a monthly Pagan youth radio broadcast “Raven’s Circle” on Cauldron FM.

[anchor id=”DC”]District of Columbia

[anchor id=”FL”]Florida

Florida Facebook Page

  • Osiris Grey
    [email email=””]
    Osiris is a full-time student in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. He is a solitary nocturnal witch, and has been a practicing Pagan since 2001.  He is a strong believer in the First Amendment and the separation of church and state.  Osiris is proud and honored to serve the Pagan community and would love to help others along their path.
  • Kourtney Leaf
    [email email=””]
    Kourtney is a mother of two and a wife of 12 years. She is a Gnostic Pagan practicing solitary, and has been on the path for nearly 10 years now. She is passionate about her right to Religious Freedom, and blogs about it regularly at The Multi-Faceted Experience. She is honored to represent Florida, the state that has been her home since 2003.

[anchor id=”GA”]Georgia


[anchor id=”HI”]Hawai’i


[anchor id=”ID”]Idaho


[anchor id=”IL”]Illinois

  • Sophie Gale (Peoria)
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    Sophie Gale, beloved of the Goddess Hathor, has been a Pagan since the age of four when she first beheld the Butter Cow at the Illinois State Fair.  It only took her forty-five years to catch on.  An eclectic solitary since 2000, Sophie writes two blogs:  Witches Brew and Brewing the Pagan Permaculture.  She is a member of the local chapter of the Interfaith Alliance; she is involved in the Fair Trade movement, and she stews a lot about sustainability and Peak Oil.
  • SophiaDawn (East St. Louis)
    [email email=””]
    SophiaDawn is a almost typical midwest farm girl that walks a Pagan path.  She is a small business owner, Reiki Master, and most importantly a mother and grandmother.  She has a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice and has great interest in herbs, healthy food choices, gardening and much more.  Her current blog about Pagan topics as well as just family living can be found at

[anchor id=”IN”]Indiana


[anchor id=”IA”]Iowa


[anchor id=”KS”]Kansas

  • Sydney Isle
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    Sydney is a local organizer of the Pagans for Obama campaign in 2008, Pagan business owner and local coordinator for Coffee Party USA and the American Dream movement.  Staunch believer in civil, respectful debate in public discourse and the absolute separation of Church and State.

[anchor id=”KY”]Kentucky

Kentucky Facebook Page

  • MaryBeth
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    MaryBeth resides on an urban homestead in Kentucky with her partner Jacob, their young son, several dogs and cats, and a flock of chickens. She is an avid herbalist. Her formal education includes both an MBA and a BA. Her family considers themselves to be eclectic Pagan, libertarian, strong believers in being self sustaining and avid defenders of religious freedom.

[anchor id=”LA”]Louisiana

Louisiana Facebook Page

  • Valli Harry
    The Louisiana Alliance of Wiccans
    [email email=””]
    President and Co-Founder of LAW (The Louisiana Alliance of Wiccans).  LAW is a 501 c 4 non-profit organization in Louisiana that fights for the legal rights of Wiccans and other Pagans in Louisiana based on religious discrimination. Valli is also the Priestess of Moondance Circle, a local coven in Springfield, LA.

[anchor id=”ME”]Maine

Maine Facebook Page

  • Sarah Nokomis
    [email email=””]
    Sarah Nokomis is a solitary witch who has been practicing since 2002.  A vegetarian, and a believer in animal welfare, she is said by those who are close to her that her purpose in life is to make the lives of those around her better.  She currently works in the health care and in higher education.  She is also a believe in freedom, and is happy to step forward for the Maine Pagan community.

[anchor id=”MD”]Maryland

  • Kallan Kennedy
    [email email=””]
    Kallan Kennedy is a Pagan living in the North Central area of Maryland about halfway between D.C. and Philadelphia. She holds a degree in Religion and Philosophy and is active in Pagan social media, the blogosphere, and corresponds regularly with her U.S. representatives in both the House and Senate. You can also find her online at her blog.
  • Caroline Kenner
    [email email=””]
    Caroline is a longtime Pagan community organizer.  Responsible for the two Washington, DC rallies supporting the veterans’ pentagram decision, Caroline has served on the boards of five local Pagan organizations over the course of more than twenty years.  Currently, Caroline helps organize Sacred Space, an annual conference on mysticism, metaphysics and magick.  Caroline is a shamanic healer and teaches her craft through the Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism in Silver Spring, Maryland.

[anchor id=”MA”]Massachusetts


[anchor id=”MI”]Michigan

Michigan Facebook Page

  • Dr. Betz King (Metro-Detroit Area)
    [email email=””]
    Betz King is a psychologist specializing in psycho-spirituality and women’s empowerment and a championess of the Divine Feminine.  Drop her a line if there’s anything you want to put together for Michigan especially for the Metro-Detroit or Ann Arbor areas.  Currently, Dr. King is on vacation, so if you do send her a message, we appreciate your patience while she travels.
  • Luna Wolfe (Kalamazoo Area)
    [email email=””]
    Luna is a stay at home mom of a six month old, a full time student, and a crafter in the Kalamazoo area. She has been Pagan since the age of 11 and is now 22. She is currently writing a book on astral projection.

[anchor id=”MN”]Minnesota


[anchor id=”MI”]Mississippi


[anchor id=”MO”]Missouri

  • Charles Hendricks
    [email email=””]
    Charles has been a loosely Celtic Pagan for 20 years. He has 5 guitars and 4 cats, as well as a great love of books and of his fiancée Deborah. He believes that government should not reference any god unless it is prepared to reference them all. Formerly of the DC metro area Charles now resides in Southeast Missouri.
  • David Reyolds-Gier
    [email email=””]
    Voting for 18 years. Pagan for 17 years. Coincidence? Actually, yes, but that’s beside the point…. freedom from religious oppression is the point. David is a Unitarian Universalist, a Druid, and an ex-Anglican who is interested in ensuring the country halts its slide toward theocracy. He is excited to work with the Hail Columbia project and take positive, proactive action in response to attacks against one of the most basic rights in the United States.

[anchor id=”MS”]Montana


[anchor id=”NE”]Nebraska


[anchor id=”NV”]Nevada


[anchor id=”NH”]New Hampshire


[anchor id=”NJ”]New Jersey

New Jersey Facebook Page

  • Jennifer Rudolph
    [email email=””]

    Jennifer and her husband reside in Central NJ.  She has been on her Pagan path for several years as a solitary and is looking to become more involved within the Pagan community.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking, crafting & spending time with her husband and family.  She is also a member of the group Monmouth County Broom & Brew. Jennifer is looking forward to meeting more friends & helping the Pagan community any way she can.

[anchor id=”NM”]New Mexico

  • Joy Roberts
    [email email=””]
    Joy is a married mother of 2 who resides in Northern New Mexico. She is also an accountant currently working for a national security company and has always been interested in justice & fighting for human rights in general. One of her favorite hobbies is learning about all kinds of different spiritual paths, though her own path is clearly and absolutely Pagan. She is also a happy practicing member of the Golden Crescent Coven, is currently working on becoming an ordained minister, and volunteers with the Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day.

[anchor id=”NY”]New York


[anchor id=”NC”]North Carolina

North Carolina Facebook Page

  • Heather Mauldin
    [email email=””]
    Heather is a Priestess of the Morrigan.  For a very long time, she was Dianic (2nd degree), however, at the Goddess’ request, she has begun to get close to the Sacred Masculine.  As a Priestess, she is deeply devoted but without dogma.  Heather has a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from UNC Greensboro and has seriously considered going into law school and studying Constitutional Law, as she take the Constitution very seriously.  Heather is also helping to coordinate for South Carolina.
  • Renee Olson
    [email email=””]
    Renee is a married mother of one, living in rural NC.  She practices Wicca as a solitary and enjoys spending time with her husband outside.  She has one adult daughter living abroad and lots of furbabies around the house.  42 years young, she loves Hispanic food and Latin music.  She expresses her freedom of speech via her blog and hopes to offer support to this group with thoughts, words, and action.

[anchor id=”ND”]North Dakota


[anchor id=”OH”]Ohio

  • Bobbie Lynn
    [email email=””]
    Bobbie Lynn has been a publically active Pagan for over 10 years and had practiced as a solitary Witch years before prior to that.  She is legal clergy in the state of Ohio and runs an open Wiccan Circle as well as a closed teaching circle.  She currently lives in NE Ohio in a rural community.  She is a firm believer in the separation of church and state and a strong Pagan Advocate.

[anchor id=”OK”]Oklahoma


[anchor id=”OR”]Oregon


[anchor id=”PA”]Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Facebook Page

  • David Dashifen Kees (Lehigh Valley)
    [email email=””]
    Like the email suggests, Dash is the web master around these parts and, for the next few months, a resident of Pennsylvania.  In addition to his work here, Dash is also involved with the International Pagan Coming Out Day and the Pagan Newswire Collective.  Drop him a line if there’s anything you want to put together in the Lehigh Valley.
  • Karen Pau (Pittsburgh)
    [email email=””]
    Karen is a Wiccan priestess and leader of Coven of the Sacred Flame.  She has been practicing Wicca for a little over 10 years now and owns a brick and mortar shop Pagan supply shop called Eye of Nuit as well as an online shop called Pagan Stuff Cheap.  She teaches weekly Tarot Study and Wicca 101 classes at the store.   Karen lives in the Pittsburgh area along with her fiancée, 5 cats, and 2 dogs.
  • Kestril Trueseeker (Philadelphia)
    [email email=””]
    Kestril lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and children. She’s fairly new to the world of political activism but would like to do her part to ensure the freedom of religion for everyone in the United States, no matter which creed they follow.

[anchor id=”RI”]Rhode Island


[anchor id=”SC”]South Carolina

South Carolina Facebook Page

  • Heather Mauldin
    [email email=””]
    Heather is a Priestess of the Morrigan.  For a very long time, she was Dianic (2nd degree), however, at the Goddess’ request, she has begun to get close to the Sacred Masculine.  As a Priestess, she is deeply devoted but without dogma.  Heather has a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from UNC Greensboro and has seriously considered going into law school and studying Constitutional Law, as she take the Constitution very seriously.  Heather is also helping to coordinate for North Carolina.

[anchor id=”SD”]South Dakota


[anchor id=”TN”]Tennessee


[anchor id=”TX”]Texas

  • Elizabeth (Near Corpus Cristi)
    [email email=””]
    Elizabeth is a solitary practioner following an Eclectic Wiccan Path.  She’s looking forward to meeting others and supporting the Hail Columbia project as we help to ensure that one can make a personal choice regarding what to believe in America.  She has a wonderful husband and a beloved cat who share her home with and a beautiful daughter that lives nearby who is one of her best friends. Blessed Be.
  • Jax and GG
    [email email=”jax&”]

    Jax and GG launched The Pagan Princesses blog in 2010 to provide a royal brew of Pagan social issues and Pagan socializing that engages Pagans and non-Pagans alike. They post twice weekly on issues such as social living as members of a minority faith, daily Pagan spirituality, politics, and Pagan celebrations. They’re proud to represent the Hail Columbia project just below the Belt (Bible Belt, that is) and look forward to sharing the project with the Texas Pagan community. Jax and GG have both been Pagan for about a decade. They’ve been princesses for far longer.

[anchor id=”UT”]Utah


[anchor id=”VT”]Vermont

  • Patrick Stanton
    [email email=””]
    Patrick Stanton: Anarchist, writer, objector to war; ready to defend religious freedom in Vermont.

[anchor id=”VA”]Virginia

  • Rhalynn Blackburn (Richmond)
    [email email=””]
    Rhalynn is  solitary, and has been on her Pagan path for almost 4 years now. She doesn’t know very many Pagans in the Richmond area, but is hopeful that her efforts to help protect everyone’s religious freedom will give her the opportunity to get to know more.
  • Michelle Joers (Hampton Roads)
    [email email=””]
    Michelle is a wife, momma, veteran of the United States Navy, beach addict, blogger, a Unitarian Universalist and Pagan of no specific tradition, a practicing witch and devotee of various aquatic deities…and a big fan of the First Amendment.  Michelle is helping to coordinate activities in Hampton Roads, VA.

[anchor id=”WA”]Washington


[anchor id=”WV”]West Virginia


[anchor id=”WI”]Wisconsin


[anchor id=”WY”]Wyoming