Celebration of the Divine Feminine and Religious Freedom a wonderful success

The celebration is actually still going on, but I wanted to share that the ritual, led by Katrina Messenger, was a fantastic, positive, and powerful event. I’ll have more of a report tomorrow. Blessed be!

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  • Thank you so much for keeping the rest of the country informed about what is actually going on in our capital against our freedoms. You have inspired me, and I will continue to post ritualistic posts whenever I am made aware of an assault on our freedoms, any of them. I live in TN, but my most recent focus was on the referendum vote in MS for Personhood for fertilized eggs and even ectopic pregnancies. I also posted it again, on behalf of the women in Wisconsin. As someone is out of work because of workplace religious bias against minority religions (it's not the only reason but it is one of them), I have a lot of time on my hands. Thank you for inspiring me to do something productive with it. When the referendum was voted down in MS – a place so backwardly conservative there was REAL fear this could go through…it re-energized me out of a spiritual 'funk'. Not that I am having a crisis of faith..far from it, but that I am despairing at how many in the Pagan community are accepting lies at face value and even looking the other way for the sake of community. It tears at the heart of this Witch that people can lie to fellow pagans and get away with simply because we are so afraid of policing our own community against wrong doing for fear of 'what the mainstream will make of it'. Wrong is wrong. Period. Thank you for the Hail Columbia Movement. It's given me a much needed focus. Blessed be.

    P.S. Is there video footage or other photos or transcripts of the speeches and other activities that went on at the Celebration of the Divine Feminine?

    • There were unfortunately no recordings made of the celebration. As for transcripts, some people were working from books or other sources and others (like me) spoke off the cuff. As such, I suspect that what ever is online now is what we’ll have goin forward. For my part, if I’m involved in things going forward I’ll do my best to try and produce a recording of the event an encourage others to the same.

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