Celebration of the Divine Feminine

(Here’s a short report on the Celebration of the Divine Feminine and Religious Freedom. I apologize for the delay. I was sick yesterday and am extremely busy today and tomorrow; I’ll get pictures up as soon as I can. – Lit)

Katrina Messenger and Caroline Kenner led a beautiful ritual on Sunday. After everyone’s attention was centered with the ringing of a singing bowl, Caroline opened the event, and Katrina spoke about how important it was to honor the legacy of the Queen of Heaven. Since the anti-Pagan groups appropriated that title as the name of their putative demon, Katrina emphasized that the historical goddess Inanna, who held that title, would be a centerpiece of our ritual. Maria led a grounding exercise, Eridanus cast a circle and called the quarters, and then invocations began.

Caroline invoked the ancestors, including Founding Fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin (and his sense of humor), and others. She sang an ancestor song, and then Katrina led a powerful chant invoking Inanna and sang a descant over it. With that, several people offered prayers from a wide variety of traditions. I’m working from memory for these brief descriptions, so those who spoke, please forgive and correct my mistakes.

Alida DeCoster, a Unitarian Universalist minister, spoke movingly about how important it is that we not “fence the Spirit in,” and acknowledged Spirit as Mother who gives birth to us. I prayed to Columbia, invoking her to protect separation of church and state. Gwendolyn offered a piece of her daily practice calling on Hecate and Athena to help all involved in government not be biased by bigotry. Caroline prayed to Freya as a powerful mother, and Carly Lesser read a psalm to the Shekhinah. David Dashifen Kees prayed to Ma’at, who weighs our hearts, and Caroline told the story of Durga slaying the buffalo demon and invited her to come to DC to fight for what is right. Gryffyn prayed to Hecate, and Firesong spoke about Yemaya as the mother of waters. She also led beautiful chants and songs between each prayer, keeping the energy building. Adam prayed to Ix Chel, Angela Raincatcher prayed to Brighid, and Katrina ended with another appeal to Inanna in her role as Queen of Heaven.

Led by excellent drummers, we danced a spiral dance while chanting the “Isis, Astarte…” chant, building a cone of power that Katrina shaped and released. Afterward, she declared that we would not be saying goodbye to the goddesses invoked because the point of the ritual was inviting them to DC, acknowledging that their worship happens here and will continue, thanks to our freedom of religion. The circle was opened, and everyone relaxed into a free-flowing period of music and togetherness.

I’d like to add that I know many, many people could not attend in person but wanted to be there in spirit. I felt a lot of additional energy from those of us supporting us from a distance. Thank you!

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