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After the first week of this new prayer initiative, James Nesbit sent out an email to supporters saying that the effort was going very well. A full third of the email, however, was addressed directly to us:

The pagans

Reading the pagan report on the Declaration of Dependence prayer guide was very
revealing. We know that satan rules his subjects through fear and it was very evident
just how totally dominated they are by fear. Father, Your word says that perfect
love casts out fear. We pray that everyone held captive by structures of darkness
will be filled with the perfect love of the Father, let the pagan community meet
Your children that are so filled with Your love that the chains of darkness blinding
the minds and hearts will melt away.

Yup, the Satanic Panic is alive and well in some corners of the country. Since I wrote that “report,” I’m rather bewildered about what fear he’s referring to – unless you count fear of extremely fundamentalist would-be theocrats. They also seem to think we haven’t met any Christians, or perhaps any Real Christians by their definition. At any rate, I think it’s interesting that we seem to have caught their attention. It certainly puts their previous comment about our “help” with DC 40 in a different light: either they have actually achieved sarcasm, or they think they can turn our efforts to their own ends. How do we make sure that doesn’t happen?

I do not want this to turn into an escalating set of prayer/magic wars. I, personally, am glad that Pagans are aware of the Chicago 50 initiative but think it’s okay that we’re not organizing on a national scale like we did in response to DC 40. (Among other things, in DC 40 they were specifically attacking a goddess I and others pay homage to, and nothing specific like that is going on in this round.) I think this indicates how we ought to shift our efforts to include more and more mundane approaches.

As the election cycle progresses, we have more opportunities – and more important reasons! – to speak out and act politically against the NAR and those who would be their political catspaws. Since Romney seems to have clinched the nomination and he doesn’t have direct ties to these groups, their shenanigans don’t reflect as badly on him right now. But as conservatives and evangelicals decide whether or not to rally to Romney, we should keep an eye out for both overt and “dog whistle” references to philosophies like that of the NAR. Getting the word out about the true intent of these groups – and others that are less explicit but equally fundamentalist – is vital to keeping our hard-won freedoms in all sorts of areas.

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  • Nicole Youngman says

    Where's the report you wrote? I'd love to have a look.

  • Spyke says

    Thank Goddess I found this site. I’ve been looking for like-minded Pagans because I am watching carefully the tactics of the NAR and am alarmed at their bad magick. Where can I get the Pagan report on the Prayer of Dependence?

  • Spyke says

    Not sure if this is posting twice, but I am thankful to have found this site as I have been looking for fellow Pagans who are onto the bad magickal tactics of the NAR. Where can I get a copy of the Pagan report on the Prayer of Dependence?

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