DC40 Writes: “The point is our intent. Intent is a force.”

The latest announcement from leaders of the DC40 initiative makes it clear that they want to try to use focused intent to create change – what most Pagans would describe as magic. As part of their effort to affect “the spiritual atmosphere” over DC, they now ask followers to use mobile devices to “release the frequency of oxygen” by using an app to play the sound of a ringing bell every hour.

James Nesbit, one of the people maintaining the email list for people who want updates about DC40, named this effort the “Oxygen Bell 333,” after a favorite Bible verse, which talks about God revealing “great and mighty things.” Nesbit described how the bell idea developed:

While in discussion with Ray Hughes concerning the DC40 initiative, he mentioned that the ringing of a bell is used to resonate within our DNA structure and call souls to worship – hence the ringing of church bells.

While Ray was speaking with David Van Koevering, David said, “That was the technology they had then, but now why don’t we release the frequency of oxygen, which is the foundation of life, as the sound of a bell, so that every time it rings we are releasing the life-giving frequency of oxygen over our nation.”

As further explanation, they wrote:

There are multiple ways to release this frequency.

The point is our intent. Intent is a force.

Our intent has everything to do with this frequency release.

This kind of language and thinking are not common in mainstream Christian culture. This action is not about their relationship to their god or their spiritual situation. They are (mis)using terms related to the physical world – frequency, oxygen, and DNA – because their consciously empowered intent is to alter the physical world if possible, and certainly to alter people’s minds.

I think the idea of ringing the bells on the hour throughout the day is an effort to get people who are involved to pray more frequently and consistently. It is a magical technique to increase the power of their intent through repetitive reinforcement. Even if Christians say that they are petitioning their god to act, this kind of working is functionally equivalent to an effort to use magic on their god’s behalf.

The DC40 leaders are planning nonconsensual magic in an attempt to influence the will of politicians in DC and ultimately everyone across the country. This is a deeply unethical magical attempt to assert control over others.

This expansion of their unethical magic makes it all the more appropriate and important to me that the force of their intent be deflected and defused with as little harm as possible. Hail Columbia is one resource working to help make that happen, so thank you to all of the coordinators, and expect to see more from this blog in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for and respond to this initiative.

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