Link Roundup: corporations and conscience, preaching for Mitt, and more

As challenges to the new contraceptive coverage mandate wend their way through the court system, a judge has ruled that requiring a for-profit company to provide insurance coverage of contraceptives does not substantially burden the company’s owner’s ability to practice his religion.

And as predicted, hundreds of pastors took to the pulpit to defy the IRS by endorsing political candidates. AU continues to urge the IRS to respond.

Away from the pulpit, conservative pastors who claim to be “nonpartisan” continue to insist that Christians have to vote for Romney. But it’s not just the guy at the top of the ticket: pastors also gathered in Missouri to support Rep. Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin’s campaign for re-election. More incumbents and candidates are also flaunting their Christianity: Akin’s fellow member of the House Science Committee, Rep. Broun, described evolution and the Big Bang as “lies straight from the pit of hell” and told voters in no uncertain terms that he uses the Bible to tell him how to vote on legislation. Another candidate who wants to create laws based on his theology argues that rebellious children should be given the death penalty.

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