Spirit of Aloha Ritual

This ritual is shared by kind permission of Ka Wahine Ahi. Between now and the beginning of October, Hail Columbia will be collecting resources to honor Columbia and support religious liberty in the US. Since Hawai’i is the first state that DC 40 will be calling on, this is an appropriate way to start!

Spirit of Aloha Ritual for Protection

Do this ritual every night from 10/1/11 – 11/12/11.  Allow the candles to burn for as long as you’d like.

Ritual items:   black 3-wick candle
red pillar candle
pink pillar candle
white pillar candle

Light one wick on the black candle for each:

I call on the Maiden.
I call on the Mother.
I call on the Crone.

Harm to none and for the highest good of all
Protect me from all malevolence and malice
Let their energy be grounded and transformed
In your sacred chalice.

Light the wick on the cherry black candle:

Pele!  Goddess of Volcanoes and Flame!
Join me with your power.
There are those who threaten our ‘aina at this hour.
Send up a wall of lava and fire.
Block their evil and hurtful desire.
Be with me, Pele,
For the sacred land,
And love of the people.
The time is at hand.

Light the wick on the pink candle – Chant three times:

Puamelia and pikake,
Orchid and tuberose,
Spirit of Aloha,
To the world flows.

Light the wick on the white candle:

With Love and Light,
For the Highest Good of All,
I send sweet blessings,
Goddess, aid my call.

Note: If you don’t know the Hawai’ian, here are the English words:

‘aina – land
puamelia – plumeria
pikake – jasmine

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Literata is a Wiccan who studies theaology and enjoys developing poetry and rituals. Her work has appeared in several anthologies, including Mandragora and Anointed as well as multiple periodicals. She also blogs at Forging Futures and writes for her own site, Works of Literata, . When she's not leading Rose Coven, reading Tarot or communing with nature, she works on her Ph.D. dissertation in history and enjoys travel and spending time with her husband and four cats. Please note that everything Literata writes here is solely her own personal opinion. It does not represent the position of any organization with which she is affiliated.


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