Ritual to Columbia

Materials: an image of Columbia, such as a printout of some of the images on this site, one white candle, and one black candle

Light the white candle and place it to the right of the image of Columbia. Reflect on and give thanks for the freedom of religion we enjoy.

Hail Columbia, patron goddess of your district and of our government! You represent our highest ideals of freedom and liberty. Help us to strive towards the fullest expression of those values.

Light the black candle from the …

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Conversations with Columbia: Part 2

This post is mirrored by kind permission of Hecate Demeter.

Whenever you get to know someone, and I’m a firm believer that magical workers need to really know each other, it’s helpful to know their history. You know: their family, their stories about school, and love, and life. What critical events shaped them? How did they get to this point? Who is it that, while not present at the table, is still influencing events? What song sums up their life? What’s their favorite movie, emblematic tarot …

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